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Our support team comprises sectional team leaders with varying specialties offering CCTV camera installation throughout Zimbabwe and in the Region. We cater to households, commercial buildings, industrial parks, healthcare facilities, and any specialized facility. We have expert advice on the best solutions.

Our CCTV Camera Installation Procedure

CCTV engineers guide you through the full installation and management process. We do the following three key critical steps.


Full-site risk assessment

Our Team of trained CCTV engineers will conduct a full site and risk assessment to determine key vulnerabilities and design a solution to cater to your special needs.


CCTV map planning with key focus points identified

We provide a site-map plan with all key focus areas identified and the strategic positioning of our CCTV cameras to nullify any potential unwanted threat. We discuss the reasons and benefits of each position we have identified as a security risk.


Final proposal

Once our plan has been finalized we present a final proposal listing all security innovations we intend to install with a comprehensive and detailed action plan listing all the verifiable benefits you will receive from the installed surveillance security solution.

(1) Perimeter monitoring

We use the latest in CCTV technology to detect and prevent intrusions and keep your premises secure in all weather conditions day or night. We use analytic grid lines which detect the movement of people and vehicles. When the grid line is crossed an alert is sent to our Control Room where we investigate the intrusion and take action immediately where required. We can respond to intrusions quicker and are more likely to prevent the intrusion when using grid lines.



We have IP CCTV cameras with suitable megapixel clarity to do the job at hand. We also have specialist cameras for clients with more demanding requirements.

2.) Live Monitoring

Our team of trained security specialists monitors your premises for suspicious behavior and potential threats. We use a revolutionary rotation method that keeps our technicians fresh and ensures nothing is missed

3.) Event Based Monitoring

CCTV Technologies uses the latest video analytics to secure your premises. We utilize state-of-the-art technology, analytic gridlines, two-way audio cameras, and more to ensure threats are identified early and stopped in their tracks.

4.) Rapid Response

Our Control Room uses a Rapid Response system for our larger sites to ensure the security team on the ground level responds to alerts quickly. Our Rapid response system uses a perimeter map with icons for each camera. when a camera signals an alert, the icon on the perimeter map ‘lights up’ immediately signifying where the incident is taking place. The patrol team on the ground level can head straight to that point of the perimeter to deal with the threat.

Facial Recognition
Our advanced Facial Recognition Technology allows you to unlock doors using unique facial features, increasing your security. To restrict access to specific areas of a facility, facial recognition can be used. This is an advanced alternative to limiting and controlling entry to facilities that would otherwise use keys, key cards, or key fobs.

Automatic Number Plate Recognition
Compusys Technology Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) cameras use deep-learning technology to capture number plates and display areas on motor vehicles. The main benefit is that you can remotely open and close access points without human intervention. Residents of secure parks can access the premises without using key tags or biometrics, no more sign-in is required.

5.) Event Based Monitoring

Compusys Technologies stays up-to-date with the latest in Access Control CCTV Camera technology, including Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) and more.
Access Control is how we monitor your entrance and exit points throughout your premises. We do this to ensure that no unauthorized persons have access to your Secure Business Park, Commercial Building, Gated Community, or Sectional Title Scheme.

Electronic Tags and Biometrics
Easy, safe and secure access in and out of premises using ‘key tags’ and biometrics. Keep your residents safe and your premises secure. We can also integrate CCTV Monitoring into the access control service, meaning we can remotely monitor your entrance and exit points to ensure there are no unauthorized persons without tags, entering your premises.


3.) Security Management

Manage your security team on the ground level using our innovative CCTV Cameras backed with Advanced Video Analytic technology. Onsite security is expensive and left unmanaged can be a real waste of money. With Compusys Technology you will have no more sleeping on the Job!

Motion Tracking
Track your security guard movements, to ensure perimeter checks are made regularly and patrol schedules are adhered to. Most Secure Business Parks will use on-site security for extra presence. We use Advanced Video Analytics to track their movement. If a security guard is in a seated position, without moving for an extended period, our control room receives an alert and we can contact the security guard on duty directly by means of our two-way-audio CCTV cameras.

Live Monitoring
We use the very best CCTV camera technology to help you manage your team on-site. We actively monitor staff fatigue and intervene via radio and telephonic communication. We also offer further support to the teams on the ground level by informing security guards on-site of any potential threats and suspicious activity.

Live monitoring
Our team of trained security specialists monitors your premises for suspicious behavior and potential threats. We use a revolutionary rotation method that keeps our operators fresh so we don’t miss any moment. Say goodbye to staff accessing restricted areas or loitering around unauthorized places.


4.) Staff Monitoring

Streamline operations, increase staff productivity and optimize your business efficiency

Event-based monitoring
Compusys Technology uses video analytics gridlines that send alerts to our control room whenever they are crossed or detect movement. With this technology, you can monitor how often staff leave their desks, or access common area amenities. Our CCTV cameras also use two-way audio which means you could effectively manage your staff fully remotely.

5.) Heat Mapping & People Counting


A vital asset for retail clients looking to gain a deeper understanding of their store’s performance.

Heat Mapping
Our CCTV cameras can detect heat dispersion using infrared and therefore can evaluate which areas of your store have the most people passing through. This can help understand if your store layout is optimized for a better customer journey.

Queue Detection
Minimize queues and improve your customer’s overall shopping experience using advanced video analytic gridlines which detect whenever groups of people form

People Counting
This is a widely used technology in the retail space. People counting technology helps you to calculate conversion ratios and average spend per client indicators. With people counting you can also identify potential bottlenecks and can identify areas where visual cues or assistance is required. People counting also helps with health and safety as you can receive alerts whenever the store capacity has been maxed out.

Video Analytics can be used to monitor warehouse and in-store stocks!

Distribution accuracy
Compusys Technology uses advanced camera technologies to ensure stock is correctly dispatched and distributed to the correct location at the right time.

6.) Stock Monitoring

Theft Prevention
Protect your assets with the latest video analytics. We prevent the theft of stock, supplies, and equipment. We use gridlines to monitor the entrance and exit points of storerooms which send real-time alerts to our technicians whenever a person crosses. Our technicians then watch for any suspicious behaviors in the store room to ensure that stock is not hidden or removed.

7.) Health Care

Patient Care is what we are passionate about

Fall detection and prevention
We use a customized analytic solution to monitor patients undergoing physiotherapy and rehabilitation while ensuring their safety. This technology has been particularly important in elderly and frail care, and health facilities. By detecting specific movements, the AI technology that our IP cameras use can detect if a patient has or is at risk of falling.

Individualized care
Compusys Technology installs an onsite duty station which is monitored only by trained medical professionals. The focus of the system is to provide quick responses to our patients, preventing injury and aiding in recovery. This improves patients’ individual care without compromising their privacy. The control rooms are monitored in-house by the nursing team 24/7 which allows for fewer nurses to be actively present in the rooms because each patient is being cared for and monitored remotely.

Risk prevention
Secure fire escapes, stairwells, and emergency exits using video surveillance analytics to limit risk and maximize patient safety. The video analytics use grid lines, which when crossed send an alarm to our control room for investigation. This is particularly useful when monitoring entrances and exits to restricted areas.


Compusys Technology assists your nursing team in providing the best possible patient care for quicker recovery times and happier patients.

Motion tracking
Monitor your nursing team to ensure rounds are completed timeously and regularly. 

Live monitoring
We use the very best camera technology to help you manage your nursing team. Ensure duty stations are occupied and avoid needless loitering. We actively monitor staff fatigue and intervene via radio and telephonic communication.


Video Analytics can be used to monitor medical dispensaries!

Distribution accuracy
We use our advanced video analytics to monitor how medicine and medical equipment are dispensed. If there are any errors in distribution, the remote recording can be used to asses where any mistakes were made and can be assessed further to make improvements and avoid the mistake from recurring.

Theft Prevention
Protect your medical dispensary with the latest video analytics. We prevent the theft of medical supplies and products. By monitoring your dispensaries we are able to determine when medicine or medical equipment has been removed without consent. We can also use analytic gridlines to alert our off-site monitoring team whenever anyone enters a dispensary or storeroom. 


The pinnacle of trustworthy identification that is secure. achieves a 99.9% verification success rate across all races by using a specialized dual-lens camera. The primary benefit of implementing facial recognition into your access control system is that facial Long lines for entry are avoided and improved efficiency is produced via CCTV cameras. Additionally, onsite security can utilize facial recognition as an early warning system to disarm possible threats.


Our CCTV cameras can detect heat dispersion using infrared and therefore can evaluate which areas of your store have the most people passing through.
The cameras can produce ‘heatmaps’ which can be used to help identify areas of high ‘human traffic’.
This is ideal for retail operations as the heat maps produced by our CCTV cameras can help you understand if your store layout is optimized for a better customer journey and understand which products invite the most customers into your store.


Ideal for the Healthcare industry and in particular frail care services.
Our Video Analytics are used to recognize when moving ‘human targets’ stop moving suddenly and are no longer in the correct orientation. The Video analytics can therefore recognize when a human body has fallen over and an alert is sent to our control room in this instance.
Our team can alert nursing and medical staff onsite to assist the person who has fallen and the correct help can be given to the individual immediately.

8.) CCTV Video Analytics

CCTV Video Analytics uses grid lines and motion detection to predict threats early and proactively manage risk.

Compusys Technology uses perimeter line crossing CCTV video analytics. The perimeter gridlines map a space outside a perimeter that detects motion and sends an alarm to our control room for our CCTV specialists to investigate. The main benefit of this technology is that we can offer a proactive approach to your surveillance security by detecting threats early.


An alarm will be triggered when the time a person on duty stays motionless or leaves the detection area exceeds the time set.  This is how we monitor your onsite security to ensure that perimeter checks are being made and that the security guards do not fall asleep on duty

We also provide a live monitoring service for your onsite security. We monitor your security team’s control room 24/7 to ensure that duties and responsibilities are being performed thoroughly and accurately.

Access Control is how we monitor your entrance and exit points throughout your premises. We do this to ensure that no unauthorized persons have access to your Secure Park or Sectional Title Scheme.

We use a combination of Biometrics, Electronic tags, and Video Analytics which trigger alerts whenever anyone passes through an entrance or exit point. This ensures that our Off-site control team is able to detect whenever an intruder bypasses the tag system and gains unauthorized access.


Specialist CCTV cameras that read number plates and automatically grant access to approved vehicles for secure entry to premises. The advantage of using ANPR systems is that you can save money by not requiring a physical security guard present at entrances and exits.


We use cameras with infrared, low-light, and thermal technology intended for viewing at night.
By gathering inferred information and translating it into a picture that depicts temperature variations, infrared light illuminates images in the dark.
This can also be applied to both internal and outdoor fire detection.


A specialized camera is utilized to estimate the number of customers and visitors. designed exclusively for clients in the retail, shopping, and leisure industries. People In addition to being a wonderful tool to spot possible bottlenecks and inefficiencies, counting technology is a great addition to health and safety measures, especially those that deal with fire alarm calls and emergency evacuations.

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