Inventory and order management software tailored to how you sell. Join the thousands of product sellers and retailers that trust Cin7 to manage their inventory. Get products to more customers, more efficiently, through more sales channels—faster than ever before.


Cin7 connects your products, sales channels, stock locations, orders, warehouses, workflows, reports and more into one automated solution.

Delight everyone right across your business with one connected source of truth. Give your operations, finance, warehouse, and ecommerce managers the tools they need to work together more efficiently and smoothly.

Comprehensive inventory management software for every business

Key Features

Cloud-based inventory management. All the inventory management functionality fast-growing businesses need, out of the box.
Tracking and control

Barcode inventory, batch, FIFO and serial tracking; incoming stock, component stock, finished goods and product bundles; consignment, dropshipping and a return inventory management solution.

Cost accounting

Actual COGS, tax and landed cost reporting; dashboard control and single-click accounting synchronization; alternative General Ledger mapping.

Insights and reports

Cloud-based inventory software with real-time, role-based and integration dashboards; live insights tools and extensive, customizable reports library.

Other inventory system features

Custom inventory fields, mobile stocktaking, automated inventory adjustment, color-size grid to minimize SKUs.

Flexible inventory control

Use the inventory tracking system and method that makes sense for your type of business.

Full visibility

The inventory system keeps the right amount of stock to meet demands and eliminate stockouts.

Accurate costing

Know your profitability and track actual costs, not average inventory value.

Inventory planning

Tap a wealth of data to get the right mix of products and channels.


Connect all your order, inventory, shipping, and accounting workflows with Cin7

Ditch the spreadsheets and data entry, quickly spin up new sales channels, and get into new markets. With Cin7’s 700+ accounting, ecommerce, marketplace, 3PL warehouse, shipping, and EDI integrations you can take your business to the next level.

Advanced Multichannel

1.) Sell any way you want

Easily sell your products online, wholesale, and retail. All the integrations, inventory, pricing, and flexibility you need.

2.) Grow your customers

Ensure all your customers (B2B and D2C) see the right products at the right time and right price — no matter where they shop.

3.) Source products efficiently

Purchases, simple manufacturing, or contract manufacturing: Cin7 lets you manage with precision, however you get products.

4.) Fully customizable

Fulfill orders accurately, anywhere — whether you have a bricks-and-mortar, a showroom, or a popup store.


1.) Make it easy to buy from you

Give B2B customers accurate pricing, quotes, and payment terms, and watch them become life-long, happy customers.

2.) Show off your products

Provide great B2B online catalogs. Help B2B customers shop and place orders online, and save time managing routine orders.

3.) Enjoy end-to-end control

Control every transaction that impacts your inventory — from bulk purchases to EDI orders from major retailers, and more!

4.) Manage fulfillment

Let Cin7’s configurable fulfillment keep your warehouse organized and stocked as you receive purchases and dispatch orders.

Small Business

1.) Sell more with less effort

Sell your products everywhere. Manage stock and orders for online stores and marketplaces, efficiently in one solution.

2.) Simplify fulfillment

Get your products to customers faster. Improve shipping times with automatic order and custom routing rules.

3.) Automated stock tracking

Ditch the stress of selling too little — or too much! Keep stock counts and product availability in sync as sales accelerate.

4.) Save money and grow loyalty

Efficient, fast, automated shipping and order management, including shipment details, with best-in-class integrations.

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