Mobile Devices

Combines functionality of a PC and a scanner into a single device.


Combines functionality of a PC and a scanner into a single deviceExtends organizational knowledge into the field
Small and light, yet rugged and durableWithstands the rigors of mobile computing better than laptops or consumer devices
Variety of sizes, shapes, and styles with many features and accessoriesEnhances mobile workforce performance across a wide range of environments and industries
Designed to protect against environmental factors like dust or rainExpands the life of your hardware investment
Light, medium, and heavy duty handlingEnsures a perfect match for your requirements
Operating systems such as Windows, Android, and LinuxOffers same functionality as desktop computer or laptop for optimal productivity
Preloaded applications software or custom programsIncreases efficiency of everyday tasks
Wireless connectivity options such as BluetoothSyncs devices such as printers, modems, and headsets for improved productivity
Latest Wi-Fi technologiesFacilitates fast data transmission