BDRSuite Supports Diverse Workloads

-has in-built capabilities to perform.

Vembu’s approach to backup VMware vSphere VMs is one of the most unparalleled ways of protecting your data against a data loss or disaster. Be it a small business running a few VMware hosts or an enterprise running many VMware hosts in the cluster, Vembu BDR Suite takes a comprehensive approach to protect VMware vSphere VMs; as a result, you can now experience an intuitive, agentless, image-level backup that not only protects business-critical VMware virtual machines but also applications and its data.

Key Features

Centralized Management

Configure & manage backup for your entire IT through a centralized web-based UI.

Instant Boot

Minimize your downtime by instantly booting the backup in any of the hypervisors.

Automated Verification

Automatic 3-tier verification to ensure the recoverability of backup data.

Application-aware Backups

Ensure transactional consistency of the application during backups

Live Migration

Permanently migrate the instantly booted VMs directly to production.

Disaster Ready

Replicate a copy of backup data to an offsite, secondary disk, cloud, or Tape.

Advanced Retention

GFS retention to create restore points weekly, monthly, quarterly, and yearly.

Granular Recovery

Restore only the required Files and Application objects from the backup.

Scale-out storage

Efficiently make use of the available storage mediums for backup purposes.